Over the fields and through the woods t' the river we go...

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In response to a strong community interest for an organized trail system, a volunteer trail group was formed at "The Upper Valley 2001 and Beyond - Plainfield Community Profile" in November 1996. The Plainfield residents desire a sense of community, protecting open space and vistas, maintaining rural character, and developing an access to the Connecticut River.

The Trailblazers work closely with the Upper Valley Trails Alliance in their efforts to expand the trail networks available in the area.



A volunteer-based trail group will provide recreational, educational, health fitness, social and alternative transportation opportunities to Plainfield's residents on an organized trail system, which encompasses the diversity of landscape and land use in this rural community. Increase the sense of community and community interest by promoting the interaction of residents from all areas of Plainfield.


A well-mapped network of trails and greenways will be established by a volunteer trail association in the Town of Plainfield to provide recreation opportunities for each major trail use; preserve wildlife habitat; help protect water quality; link town centers with the area's natural and cultural resources to create a more cohesive community; provide educational, health fitness and social opportunities; and create open space for all to enjoy.

Types of experience will vary from hilltop hikes to roadside bike paths, from snowmobile trails to country walks through active farmland. All trails and greenways will be maintained and new areas located and developed according to high standards, which are environmentally friendly, emphasize the safety of the user and, where practical, accommodate multiple use. Adequate public information and signage will be provided to help locate and use the system. Where possible, the trails and greenways in this network will provide for alternative transportation and loop opportunities.

    Long-term Goals:
  • Establish a backbone trail connecting the villages of Meriden and Plainfield.
  • Provide a trail link to the Connecticut River Access.
  • Develop trail links to features of special interest.
  • Develop a strong sense of community.

    Short-term Goals:
  • Identify, maintain and encourage appropriate use of existing trails
  • Inventory and maintain vistas and places of special interest
  • Establish suitable trailhead facilities.

Making Those Trail Connections:

Picture thanks to Carin Reynolds

Plainfield Trailblazers Community Bridge Project

Ira and Sara Townsend Bridge

Text thanks to Carin Reynolds

The December 2006 dedication of the Ira and Sara Townsend trail bridge marked the end of a year-long project that embodied the best qualities of our community: cooperation, volunteerism and a deep appreciation for the beautiful environment we live in. Located behind the Plainfield School and accessible by a short trail through the woods, the bridge greatly enhances opportunities for fitness, educational and wellness programs at the Plainfield School, and provides access to the extensive Frenchs Ledges trail network. Sixty-five feet in length, the bridge spans the Bloods Brook floodplain and is designed to last for several generations of Plainfield outdoor enthusiasts. The Community Bridge Project was conceived and organized by a group of individuals known as the Plainfield Trailblazers. The group scouted a location for the bridge, built trails, raised money for materials, obtained the necessary permits, permissions and easements, designed the bridge, coordinated projects and volunteer labor and worked countless hours building the bridge and trail network. The project depended on the involvement and generosity of many different individuals who volunteered their time and expertise, as well as of many organizations in the community, including Kimball Union Academy, the Town Selectboard, the Plainfield Conservation Commission, the Plainfield School Board and the Meriden Village Water District. On December 5th, people from these organizations along with many other townspeople joined the entire school in a festive ceremony celebrating the completion of the Project and honoring Ira and Sara for their conservation ethic. Without them the trail system would not exist as it is today.

Looking Forward:

The Plainfield Trailblazers continue to work towards organizing some fun outings as we explore our local trails. With the receipt of favorable responses by several land owners, several possible links to the Farnum Lot are currently being investigated. We would really like to make a connection from Black Hill, down to Mud Pond and across to the Farnum Lot - so far we've found a lot of beaver ponds to contend with - I guess it's time to look for some higher land. If you are interested in having trails on your property please give us a call - we'd be glad to chat.

To ensure some variety in our outings, our friends/neighbors lead us on their favorite trails to areas they feel are town treasures. We're always happy to see new faces on the trail and at our meetings so please don't be shy - come on out. Whether you need some good exercise, like the outdoors, enjoy socializing or would like to make some new friends, there is definitely a place for you. Trailblazers meet the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 the Plainfield School in Meriden. Hope to see you there.