Singing Hills Christian Fellowship Founded 1972

Located on Stage Rd, across from the Town Highway Garage, Singing Hills Christian Fellowship serves the New England area as a center for Christian conferences, retreats and camps.
Since its modest beginnings, Singing Hills has grown to serve over 10,000 guests per year and is currently one of the largest facilities of its kind in New England.
In the early 1970's, a local pastor, Warren Biebel Jr., started sharing his vision for a Christian retreat center with the churches that he ministered to.
Longtime local residents, Earl and Marian King, were inspired by the pastor's vision, and donated 135 acres of land to make that vision a reality. Singing Hills was born!
In those early days Warren and Earl worked together to clear land, create level ground, and build a pond.

Church youth groups could come and camp in tents, Churches enjoyed picnics and swimming, and many traditional "Tent Meetings" were held.
Our nation's bi-centennial year saw the first overnight housing built. Dedicated on the Fourth of July, 1976, the Main Lodge included six bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and dining room/meeting area.
Most of the lumber used to build was cut off of the property.
With the ability to house guests year round, Singing Hills began to grow rapidly.
The next ten years saw additional housing and dining areas added to the Main Lodge, and the Chapel Building was built with housing and a meeting area that could seat over 250 guests.
The original vision for Singing Hills continues today.
We host Church groups of all denominations, with an eye on those things that bind us together as Christians, rather than focusing on the issues that can divide the Church. We serve groups of all ages, with a particular love of serving youth programs. It is our pleasure to serve Christ centered groups from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Any given week may find people worshipping Christ in English, French Creole, Chinese, Portuguese, or Spanish.

It is also the vision of Singing Hills to provide a place of ministry to those with limited financial means. We are determined not to allow finances to hinder the possibility of a young person having a Christian camp experience. That determination leads Singing Hills to provide free or reduced rate retreats to hundreds of individuals each year.

The current Executive Director of Singing Hills is a lifetime Plainfield resident,
Don Jordan. It is Don's privilege to carry on the vision of Warren Biebel and Earl King. The ministry of Singing Hills is available to all who would set aside special time with the Lord.
In Chapel services, quiet times around the fireplace, or a stroll down a wooded trail, this facility is dedicated to the work of Jesus Christ. We desire people to hear of Him, grow in their relationship to Him, and share Him with others.

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