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The first library in Plainfield Village was established in 1805. In 1920 Edmund S. Read wished to honor his father and at the same time provide the people of Plainfield with their own library building. Mr. Read constructed the Philip Read Memorial Library and then offered the library to the town. Library use and services outgrew the facility and an addition to the library was built in 2004. More Library


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When the Plainfield Library has an important news or function we will post it here for our visitors information.



The Plainfield Community Baptist Church is in the middle of a reconstruct project. To see the project and pictures from start to finish click here



Pictures of Plainfield area taken from the air by Ira Towensend and daughter click here to view them.
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Pictures of the Library Book Cart Drill Team click here .
Library opening celebration pictures click here
Original Library floor plans click here


Did you know?; The Library Web Page maintains a map of the town of Plainfield. The map is a copy of a map adapted by The Plainfield Conservation Commission of an original by Vernon Hood a long time loved self made historian of the town. Using modern Internet technology we have used the map to develop a source of history and information about the town.
When you view the map you will find icons (hot spots) on the map. Using your mouse you can click on them and a page of information will appear on your computer screen.
Example; there are several cemeteries shown on the map in an approximate location of their actual location. Information about the cemeteries is taken from Choice White Pines and Good Land.
You will find several other (hot spots) to click on and there will be others added as time goes on. Click on a pink square with white cross and you will find a Church. It would be great if anyone who knows of a good location or story, that could be added, would contact us. Click on this link and you will see the map we are talking about.



How to see pictures of Plainfield from the air.

By Ira Townsend

Google has these pictures on a special web page. To see the pictures click here. You may have to agree to and download Google's software to view the complete album. Google will show you thumb nails of the album. Click on a picture to inlarge it. Click on Slideshows to see a display of the complete album.


Here is a sample picture of Main street Plainfield Village.