GLEASON CEMETERY - [Information taken from "Choice White Pines and Good Land," Plainfield's history.] Gleason Cemetery is one of the larger graveyards in Planfield. It is located on the east side of Gleason Road above Meriden Village. The cemetery is named for an early settler of Grantham, Elijah Gleason, who lived in that section ceded to Plainfield in 1856. In April 1851, John P. Chellis and Father Bean planted the trees still standing in the cemetery, which has remained in continual use. The Gleasons' own gravestone is among the earliest. It also memorializes the death of a son in 1755 before the family moved to the New Hampshire Grants.

Other stones have since been moved. Mr. Walter Stearns, who lived in Meriden next to the Grange Hall, was a sexton of Gleason Cemetery. Stearns removed some of the headstones from the graveyard because he feared that the plot was filling too quickly. He stacked them in the cemetery shed and then in his cellar. Gleason Cemetery, to this day, has rows of graves with no headstones. When the new Kimball Union Academy library was built, the workers unearthed a single gravestone, which had the name Gleason on it. Other gravestones have popped up in odd places over the years.