DANIELS CEMETERY - [Information taken from "Choice White Pines and Good Land," Plainfield's history.] On Black Hill, south of Edward Daniels' house, lies the Daniels Cemetery, The plot contains thirteen graves; the oldest stone is that of Joseph Daniels who died in 1829 (son of John Daniels, first of the family to own the farm). The lot is enclosed by a stone wall with a rail gate.

Willis Daniels (1844-1922) and his brother Edward (1850-1936) owned adjoining farms on Black Hill. Willis lived on the land now owned, in part, by John Stephenson (1991) and Edward lived on the land now owned, in part, by Peter Mogielnicki (1991). The family cemetery was divided by their common property line. After Willis' death, his farm was sold and eventually became the property of Clarence King. Edward willed his farm to his nephew Edward "Ted" Daniels.

In the 1940s, there was a conflict between Ed Daniels II and Clarence King over the Daniels Cemetery, which then extended to the west into a field owned by King. Ted Daniels took down all the Daniels' headstones on King's property and moved them to his side of the boundary line, then razed the stone wall which had surrounded that section of the cemetery, and re-erected the western side of the stone wall right on the boundary line. The skeletal remains were not moved, only the headstones. Portions of the original stone wall can still be seen.