CORYVILLE CEMETERY - [Information taken from "Choice White Pines and Good Land," Plainfield's history.] Coryville Cemetery (also known as Willow Brook Cemetery) is on the west side of Ladieu Road near the bottom of the hill. Several umarked graves and approximately thirty stones are found there. The grave of Eleanore Kimball, wife of Joseph Kimball, lies inside a granite fence. It is unknown why Eleanore was not buried with her husband at Gilkey Cemetery, althouth the Kimball stone there gives the date of her death. Hodges Cutler, the last living Plainfield soldier of the Revolutionary War, also lies here. Probably, the only slaves held in town are buried here. In the census of 1790, Benjamin Cutler owned two slaves. According to Vernon Hood, the final graves in the cemetery were occupied by two of John Holt's children who died in 1880. Their graves are at the west end of the lot without a stone.


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